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The intelligence of nature is much greater than that of man but still man remains focused on finding chemical medicines (that can be patented and sold for huge profits) to “fix” all health problems.

You don’t have to look far to know that managing health using only man-made substances has essentially been a failure. Instead any homeopath, naturalist or person who has researched health issues will know that there are many proven methods of managing better health and none with more successes that Ayurveda Medicine.

You can purchase Ayurveda herbal remidies and Ayurveda herbal supplements online here after selecting the Ayurveda product or products that best suit you.

We have learnt that interfering with a body’s chemical processes only causes further complications and side effects, as this essentially goes against the balancing forces of nature. When we inject or ingest something from the outside, the body stops producing it itself and therefore losses the ability to manage any future health issues.

Ayurveda Medicine promotes your body to create what is required to manage any health issues as they arise and therefore create a healthy body with a strong immunity to ward off disease and illness.

 We trust you find what you are looking for… the Ayurveda Diet is a great example of the benefits you can expect;

The Ayurveda Diet Yogic Slim

The Ayurveda Diet Yogic Slim

Yogic Slim – the Ayurveda Diet

With Ayurveda weight loss products like Yogic Slim being so sucessful you start to understand why Ayurveda has become such a trusted option or alternative to weight loss drugs, weight loss pills, special weight loss diets, specific weight loss exercises and other methods of weight loss and diet that become the “new thing” or “trend” for a while.

Ayurveda weight loss products are proven to work and have a great history. Yogic Slim is one of those Ayurveda weight loss products that that addresses the cause of why you are overweight rather than just providing a short-term method os losing weight.

Ayurveda weight loss products like Yogic Slim have a long-term benefits that will help you live a better life.

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Healthy Eating Too

But healthy weight loss and the ayurvedic diet is about the principals of healthy eating too.

You want to know what food is good for you and what food is bad.

Then you need to know how to find that food in a supermarket or resturant and when at home to know how best to cook the food.

The Healthy Eating Handbood is a great tool that can provide this knowledge for you;

Ayurveda Diet with the Healthy Eating Handbook

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“Highly Recomended & Great Value Too”

radiancio acne treatment

Radiancio the Total Acne Treatment

Radiancio – the Total Acne Cure

When you are looking for an acne cure you should forget all the prescription treatments for acne or the products that can be purchased over the counter.

Too often these acne products are just fixing the symptoms (acne, pimples) without addressing the real cause. Worse than that, they are often using chemicals and toxins to fix the symptoms without due consideration for the possible side effects.

Instead you should try Radiancio which is a natural supplement that will fix the underlying cause of your acne using a blend of herbal concentrates that are 100% natural. Knowing that you are using natural supplements will give you the confidence to use Radiancio as an acne treatment for girls and boys of any age.

Radiancio is 100% natural and 100% safe and you get an amazing 110% guarantee of success.

Consider these examples where Ayurveda Medicine and common sense can make a huge difference to people’s lives;

Ayurveda Medicine Helps People with Diabetes

We know that a diabetic person’s pancreas does not produce adequate insulin. Western medicine would require this person to inject insulin daily.

Some would argue that this external supplementation causes the Beta cells in the pancreas to slacken further, and produce even less insulin, over time. Ayurveda Medicine with the help of years of research gives the person insulin and healthy pancreatic tissue Homoeopathically. The vibrational information from the insulin and pancreatic molecules is imprinted on water. We have found that taking these daily doses of homeopathic insulin and pancreatic sarcodes, resonates the information onto the water, which is 70% of the entire body, and essentially reminds and coaxes the body to produce insulin once again.

This essentially is a modern application of the sarcode principle of Homeopathy. Biogetica has developed supplements from numerous nutraceuticals and herbs from various traditions to the diabetic regimen. These increase sugar metabolism and reduce diabetic symptoms.

Ayurveda Medicine Also Helps People with Herpes

A Herpes patient gets recurrent outbreaks of herpes while the virus lays dormant in the nerve bodies and attacks whenever one’s immunity is compromised. When the virus is dormant, our immunity does little or nothing to fight it.

By using a nosode containing merely the energetic information from the virus each dose serves as a reminder for to person’s immune system to create antibodies which specifically fight the virus even while it lies dormant.

Over time, this leads to a state where the immune system has effectively suppressed the virus for life. It is very similar to the principle of vaccination. Research has found that nosodes benefited 82% of patients in the UK and therefore were among the most effective treatments for a virus known to man. Plus they are natural and with no side effects.

The Most Trusted Healthcare System – Ayurveda

Ayurveda is healthcare system using traditional methods of healthcare native to India. The ayurveda healthcare system has been practiced for over 5000-years in India and is now practiced throughout the World. Ayurveda has proven to work!

Known as a complementary and alternative medicine, ayurveda is now practiced throughout the World and has gained a reputation for getting postive and long-term results with treating all manner of illnesses from the common cold and flu to more serious issues such as diabetes, obesity and weight loss, arthritis and gout, sleep issues and depression.

There are manner more common health issues that can be treated using the Ayurveda healthcare system and you can read more about those health issues and the herbal remedies within this website – Ayurveda-Medicine.

You will notice the phrase we use “Ancient Remedies for Modern Times” which we believe sums up a lot about the herbal remedies and herbal supplements that are just as relevant today as they were over 5000-years ago.

Please read on and we trust you find waht you are looking for…

Ayurveda for Longevity

The word “ayurveda” consists of the words ayus meaning longevity” and veda meaning “related to knowledge” or “science”.

Ayurveda medicine has been around for over 5000-years and therefore has a proven history.

Unlike the modern drugs that are dished out (prescribed) to people every day, Ayurveda medicine has a proven history of addressing the source of the problems – not just the symptoms.

Ayurveda is about good health and longevity.

Ayurveda for Natural Healthcare Solutions

Ayurveda medicine relies on the power of naturally occurring botanicals to bring about positive changes in the body without causing harmful side effects and therefore the benefits gained will be longer lasting and will address the source of the problems – not just the symptoms.

While we suggest that everyone makes an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, you may feel this is a better decision if you know more about what you need to be putting your efforts into.

We have therefore put together a range of products so that you can test yourself at home for Blood Pressure, Liver Function, High Cholesterol and a range of other issues - just like checking your car…

The phenomenon of using complementary medicine is nothing new and goes to show the “latest trends” may not be the best healthcare solutoion.

People around the World spend millions each year trying to source the latest “trend” to slow the aging effect – to control weight, encourage heart health, improve skin care, reverse hair loss, sleep better or just to feel better and avoid the flu.


Ayurveda uses herbal remedies which have been proven over the centuries and more recently recognised by health professionals.

We Found Ayurveda Medicine the BEST!

Many businesses have emerged in the past few decades and have based their products on our desire for good health and wellbeing and have created new products which are sold to us in supermarkets, health shops, gym’s and directly through companies such as Usana, Nu-Skin, Herbalife and various others.

All of these businesses are promoting their vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies as the new “thing” that will remedy your problems or improve your wellbeing. They are great marketers but the products they sell must have some benefits otherwise I am sure the businesses would have failed.

Before setting up this online business I too was looking for the latest “thing” that would revolutionize the health industry.  I understand that doctors tend to focus on drugs to fix a problem but myr goal was to find products that could help you to avoid having the problem or addressing the problem before it causes any long-term issues.

I was looking for a complementary medicine rather than a drug.

With high cholesterol I was looking for a way to control this without having to be prescribed drugs for the rest of my life.

CLICK HERE to read about my high cholesterol, my research on cholesterol and the prescribed treatment / drug  Lipitol (which I never took) and the herbal supplement known as Cardiofy which is my natural way of dealing with not only my high cholesterol, but my whole cardiovascular system – looking after my heart health and arteries too.

Finding Ayurveda Medicine to treat high cholesterol for myself was so much better than taking drugs with the risk of side effects.

Read My Story

Ayurveda – a Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative medicine were once thought of as a non-conventional and outside of the realm of being normal and with no scientific proof that it actually works it was therefore criticized by the scientific community. In my research I read “there is no alternative medicine, there is only medicine that work’s and medicine that doesn’t work.”

It appears that many practices that were once deemed as alternative practices are now recognized as beneficial to your health and wellbeing and are recommended if not prescribed by many health professionals as complementary medicine – think of vitamins, herbal remedies and other health supplements and you have what is now known as complementary medicine.

India Herbs by Ayurveda MedicineBiogetica Health Products


Purchase Your Herbal Supplement Formulations Today

Indian Herbs and Biogetica are two of our recomended suppliers of herbal supplement formulations (herbal remedies or herbal medicine) which supports the philosophies of Ayurveda – designed by nature using Ayuvedic Medicine.

Herbal remedies have been used for as long as anyone can remember to treat and prevent disease and today these natural treatments are being sought out as an alternative to prescription drugs. Today research on these drugs is more readily available and therefore the side effects are becoming known – and they can be shocking!

There are now some well researched natural choices.

Herbal supplements have always been available, but today companies like India Herbs have taken the Ayurvedic principals and developed a range of herbal supplements specifically designed to work on various health issues. These herbal supplements treat the underlying causes of your health issues rather than just providing a temporary “fix” for the symptoms.

Treat the cause and you do fix the problem – treat the symptom and the problem remains.

You can buy herbal supplements to boost your immune system (Immunice) so you can avoid and get rid of the flu symptoms. We do not like to get any cold and flu however we are exposed to viruses almost every day and therefore the best way to protect ourselves is to ensure that our immune system is in great condition. Immunice will boost your immune system using herbal remedies so your body can fight off any viruses you are exposed to.

You can buy herbal supplements that work on your metabolism and digestive system (Yogic Slim) to help you lose weight. Yogic Slim is known as the Ayurveda diet and it treats the cause of your weight gain so that your body’s metabolism functions properly to burn fat and therefore you lose weight – you lose belly fat and get back in shape naturally.

You can buy herbal supplements to look after your heart and arteries (Cardiofy), to improve your blood (AyurGold), to look after your prostate (Ayurstate), to help you sleep better (Mystic Sleep), to boost your memory and concentration (Clarimind), to treat causes of joint pain and arthritis (Joint Mender and Arthmender) and even herbal supplements designed to rid your body of body toxins (or detox) to restore a natural balance.

You can buy a herbal supplement (Radiancio) to give natural support for hair health (hair loss treatments), the health of your nails and also your skin.

And there are a range of herbal supplements designed specifically to improve sexual performance, virility and arousal. Try the Kama Yogi eBook is you want to improve your sexual performance or Sukraja increases male potency.

India Herbs use the phrase: “Ancient Remedies for Modern Times” Ayurveda uses herbal remedies which have been proven over the centuries (ancient remedies) and more recently (modern times) recognised by health professionals and even now given a status of Complementary Medicine or Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

Ayurveda Products For Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Arthmender for Joint Rejuvenation

Ayurgold for Healthy Blood

Ayurstate for Prostate Care

Ayutox for Body Detoxification

Cardiofy for Heart Care

Clarimind for Memory & Concentration

Cosmic Joy for Mood Enhancement

Immunice for Immune Support

Joint Mender for Joint Care

Kama Raja for Male Virility

Kama Rani for Female Arousal

Kama Yoga for Male Virility

Kama Yogi eBook for Sexual Performance

Mystic Sleep for Rest & Relaxation

Radiancio for Hair, Skin & Nail Care

Rudraksha Mala for Natural Healing

Sherpa Strength for Muscle Enhancement

Stress Buster for Control of Stress

Sukraja for Male Potency

Yogic Slim for Weight Loss (Diet)

Youtharia for Longevity

As you can see – India Herbs offer a full range of herbal supplement formulations (herbal remedies or herbal medicine) which supports the philosophies of Ayurveda – designed by nature using Ayuvedic Medicine.

Purchase Your Ayurveda Herbal Supplement Formulations Today


Ayurveda Products A Treatment For Major Health Problems

During our lives we may encounter various health issues which may have a dramatic effect on our lives and the lives of those around us.

The following health issues are the ten major health issues that affect people today and they therefore should be your biggest concern.

The good news is that we can make positive changes to our lives to reduce the chances of being a victim to these health issues.

Herbal products have many benefits and can assist your body to counter the onset and effects of many of the major health problems affecting our country today.

Amazon Image


The supplements offered here use concentrated herbal formulations that are proven to work but you can also formulate your own herbal remedies, although they may not be as effective.

There Are Ten Major Health Problems:

Cardiovascular Disease



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Type 2 Diabetes

Flu Complications


Kidney Disease

Sepsis (Blood Poisoning)

These are the 10-major health problems that we may all need to address for either ourselves, a familiy member, someone from work or a friend. Statistics tell us that we have some major health issues that need to be addressed – these major health problems are only getting worse.

There is an Ayurveda product that can help you with most major health problems as well as the minor health issues.

Purchase Your Herbal Supplement Formulations Today

Almost everyone will have some health issue.

Health issues will vary and some of us have one or more of the major health problems listed above and therefore you should buy your herbal supplement formulations today.

Others will have less pressing health issues and therefore you may tend to put off buying any herbal supplements. If this is you, then maybe you should ask yourself “why would you wait?”

Waiting until your health issues get worse is not the best way to treat any health issue. The best treatment for any health issue is “prevention” and that is the philosophy that Ayurveda Medicine has adopted for thousands of years.

The best thing about Ayurveda Medicine is that it works!

India Herbs has formulated herbal supplements based on the principals of Aurveda Medicine.

India Herbs also have specialists who can provide you with a Medical Consultation which will provide you with your personal Health Evaluation.

The Natural Solution you need… Ayurveda